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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Plano, TX

Sleep apnea is known to affect a large part of the nation’s population. Majority of individuals out there are finding it quite hard to sleep well. This is often caused as a result of breathing difficulties while sleeping. In many cases, they end up snoring during sleep. The moment you discover that you are suffering from sleep apnea, the best thing to do is to consult a medical expert.

For your sleep apnea treatment in Plano, TX, always turn to Dr. Richard Ragnell of Plano Sleep Doctor. He is a well-experienced sleep therapist known to help a lot of patients all over Plano, and the entire Texas area to provide a lasting solution to their sleep apnea and sleep disorder.

Outstanding Sleep Apnea Treatment from Dr. Richard Ragnell

At Plano Sleep Doctor, we provide outstanding treatment procedures for sleep apnea and other sleep-related issues. The treatment option recommended by Dr. Richard Ragnell usually vary depending on how severe the sleep apnea issue is.

There are a lot of methods used in correcting sleep apnea at Plano Sleep Doctor. Ordinary lifestyle modifications are recommended for some individuals, while some may need to use mouthpieces. These treatment options will help get rid of the root cause of the breathing difficulty that is causing the sleep apnea. Some treatment options include

Lifestyle Changes

Patients who suffer from mild sleep apnea may only need a couple of lifestyle modifications. Lifestyle changes often recommended by Dr. Richard Ragnell can range from sleeping on the side of the body, clearing nasal passages, weight loss, reducing the consumption of alcohol, giving up smoking, and so forth. If your sleep apnea is mild or minor, these lifestyle changes may be enough.

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

The MAD treatment for sleep apnea requires that you put on a mouthpiece while sleeping. These mouthpieces are designed in such a way that they will cover your teeth – lower and upper. However, there are still some mouthpieces that will only hold your tongue keeping it steady while you sleep. The MAD device often recommended by Dr. Richard Ragnell will be custom-fit to the exact shape of your mouth. This will ensure a comfortable fit.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine (CPAP)

The CPAP treatment for sleep apnea will require you to wear a mask anytime you sleep. The mask keeps the airway open, thus, preventing your breathing pattern from being altered while you sleep. Dr. Richard Ragnell will help decide the most suitable CPAP mask or device for you.

All our treatment options at Plano Sleep Doctor are guaranteed to help correct the sleep apnea. Irrespective of the treatment option recommended for you by Dr. Richard Ragnell, you can always anticipate outstanding results.

Choose Us for Your Sleep Apnea Treatment in Plano, TX

The days of having breathing difficulties while sleeping are finally over. At Plano Sleep Doctor, we are always ready to help provide a fast, effective, and lasting solution to your sleep apnea issues. Our qualified team of dentists will help determine the appropriate sleep apnea treatment option for you.

Furthermore, the sleep apnea treatment procedure we offer at Plano Sleep Doctor is non-surgical. We will also recommend lifestyle changes to help improve your breathing condition while you sleep. Even if you need to wear a mask or mouthpiece, Dr. Richard Ragnell will help adjust the device to make it more comfortable and effective.

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Still in search of a permanent solution to your sleep apnea issues? Visit us today at Plano Sleep Doctor. Dr. Richard Ragnell will be available to receive you and provide a suitable answer to all your concerns. With us, your sleep apnea issues will become a thing of the past.

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